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Stranger Profiles

I really enjoy meeting new people. Like, a lot. I enjoy opening conversations with random strangers (and that, kids, is how I found out that the government is monitoring my facebook for evidence of alien interaction). My trip to the east coast was wonderful, partially because travel and college, but mainly because I talked to a lot of random people. So now I’m going to profile them.

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I’m a world traveler now, well sort of…

I messed it all up, guys. I forgot to get a cheesesteak in Philly. I did not eat cream pie in Boston. I messed it all up. However, I did have pizza in New York, but I had pizza in all three cities so that’s not saying much.

Anyway, I went to the East Coast, and finally in a fashion where I could act like an insufferable tourist (unlike the short weekend with my school choir). My dad and I went to look at colleges. We had a hell of a time, but before I talk about the schools I looked at, I’d like to discuss the weirdest thing I saw while traveling up the Eastern seaboard. Continue reading

Drama in Times Square

This is the second of what will likely be a series of posts regarding my recent trip to New York. In the following, I will question (bash) the efficacy of long-distance relationships, make fun of an individual’s personality and aesthetics, and be a general asshole. If any of the above topics will offend you, I advise you quit reading. Continue reading

The Cursed Flight

So the reason I haven’t posted in a week is that I’ve been in New York singing with my high school choir. Actually, I’ve been back since Sunday, but was having a hard time writing a post about the trip because it needed to be fantastic. And how could I possibly write a post that would live up to the wild times and sheer amazingness that is New York?

I can’t. So I apologize if the next few posts on this blog consist of me vamping on various aspects of the trip. Let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading

Debt and Mattresses (Daily Prompt)

This is such a relevant prompt seeing as I’m leaving soon. College hoo-yoo-moo! (Yes, I just made a new exclamatory phrase.)

In short, I’ll be leaving the bubble-like county I have lived in my entire life for a different one somewhere else, probably Philadelphia or Chicago. In other words, I will be leaving financial safety with my parents for exorbitant student loans. I will be leaving my secluded bedroom in the yard for shitty crowded dorms with shitty crowded mattresses…heh heh. Continue reading