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Why I feel sorry for wee Prince George

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I was born to an entirely mediocre family whose expectations were sufficiently low enough that they would have been bragging about me to relaties if I dropped out of high school and worked at Burger King. “Yes, our daughter is working at a corporate job right now. The company is anticipating exponential growth in the next few years, as well.”

But I really feel sorry for anyone born into a royal family (or just the uber-rich), because there is no room for fucking up. Poor Prince George will be tethered to Kate Middleton’s side with a shock collar–because God knows the royals can’t be seen using a child leash Continue reading


The high stakes world of little league

Does the Daily Post not know their audience at all? I mean, I don’t want to stereotype all of us bloggers out there (that’s exactly what I want to do), but from the travel and food blogs I’ve read on here, I don’t think we have all that many sports fans. But then again, maybe I’m just projecting.

In my day, I’ve possessed a lot of tickets to SF Giants games. Somehow, I never actually went to one. Continue reading


I take issue with the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt because I’m anti-holiday. This article on the Daily Beast pretty clearly sums up the ridiculousness that is Father’s Day, with both personal anecdote and humor. I don’t think we need another occasion to buy Hallmark cards, and the mere suggestion of another effing holiday makes me sick. Not to mention, whatever holidays people have been suggesting (Uncle Day, I’m looking at you) they probably already exist. I mean, if we have National Vinegar Day (November 1st), we probably have a designated day for every family member. Hell, if Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21st) is a legit thing, I’d be ashamed if there were no Uncle Day. Believe me, special days for obscure family members exist. It’s just that nobody cares enough to celebrate them. Continue reading

I’m becoming a filthy hippy

I didn’t notice while it was happening. I’ve been working at a health food store for only nine months and the process was slow as molasses. No, slow as pitch. Slow as the pitch drop experiment.  You see your friends and neighbors, sometimes even your relatives, get sucked into its dark clutches. It’s the kind of thing you think will never happen to you. And then it does. Continue reading