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Great! An excuse to talk about how painfully single I am!

So today’s daily prompt is:

He’s (She’s) So Fine

What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

What are you talking about Daily Prompt? Even if I had a significant other they wouldn’t be significant.

I love it when this kind of thing is the daily prompt because a) I get to talk about how painfully single I am (surprise surprise) and b) I get to read defensive posts by other bloggers  that can be summed up by “I don’t need no man”.  What’s really great is that when you go onto the Daily Post’s post for this, most of the pingbacks contain the words “forever” and “alone” (like this one, which won first place by including both). The Daily Post really does not know its audience. I attribute this fact to two things. One, us bloggers are losers, and two, those with enough mad skillz to have significant others are too busy trying to keep them (cite bloggers are losers, above). Continue reading


Drama in Times Square

This is the second of what will likely be a series of posts regarding my recent trip to New York. In the following, I will question (bash) the efficacy of long-distance relationships, make fun of an individual’s personality and aesthetics, and be a general asshole. If any of the above topics will offend you, I advise you quit reading. Continue reading

How I Met My Rock (Quite Literally)

I was walking through the forest one day when my foot was rudely blocked by a large something-or-another. The large something or another turned out to be a rock. I went sprawling onto the ground and, by the force of my foot, it went skipping out in front of me. Dazed, I stood up, brushed myself off, and looked at the object I had collided with. I apologized profusely, and it said nothing.

It was a tough cookie to crack.

It was a tough cookie to crack.

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Valentine’s Day Facebook Review

I feel as if I ought to write about Valentine’s Day. It’s the trending tag on WordPress, and fairly relevant seeing as today is the 14th. Since I am resolutely single (see Oh What a (Anticlimactic) Night), that post would err on the side of rational, a word starry-eyed romantics call bitter.

So I’m going to talk about zombies. Continue reading