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The vaccination “debate” gets personal for me

Before beginning my rant, I’d like to say that I don’t want to give this issue the credibility that comes with use of the word “debate”, but it’s hard to think of a better way to describe it. Given the way the (completely true) validity of vaccinations has been playing out in the media, it’s been treated as a debate. I don’t think it should be. I do not walk the grey line on this issue because vaccines have cold hard facts backing them up, while the case against them can only be defended by a fraudulent study linking MMR to autism, and vague fears that, while understandable, are completely illogical.

I’ve always been pro-vaccine, which is very impressive considering the herbal fanaticism rampant in my community. In fact, the county where I live was mentioned (okay, singled out and vilified, but rightly so) on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. At the elementary school I went to, 40% of students aren’t vaccinated, and if you point out that this is a problem, the yoga pants moms will come in hordes with pitchforks and torches. Continue reading


Welcome to Boston

This city confuses me. I walk around campus, and I smell dog shit, but I never see it. It’s like it exists somewhere in the ether, piles of dog shit buried behind the veil of the dream world, with only their stench bleeding into reality. There are also far more cigarette butts on the ground than in  California, and far more runners than at home (I’m the only runner on the ground, usually hyperventiliating). These are two things that probably shouldn’t exist at the same time, and yet somehow, in Boston, they can. Health nuts in California have to do the whole sha-bang: running, weights, no smoking or drinking, kale chips, motivational youtube videos. But health nuts in Boston can pick and choose. I like this place.

There isn’t much difference between East Coast kids and West Coast kids, except for one thing. East Coast kids love Chipotle. In this godless age of internet games and unnecessary piercings, Jesus has been replaced by Chipotle. Continue reading

The one where I write about personal medical conditions

I went to the doctor this morning. I biked there, in order to establish a facade of a regular exercise regimen. I figured whizzing up to the door on my bicycle would do the trick. My show, naturally, was cut short when I couldn’t find the bike rack. What kind of doctor’s office doesn’t display its bike rack in a visible place? It’s supposed to be a hub of good health, for Christ’s sake. They’ve got to appeal to the yuppies. Continue reading

I’m becoming a filthy hippy

I didn’t notice while it was happening. I’ve been working at a health food store for only nine months and the process was slow as molasses. No, slow as pitch. Slow as the pitch drop experiment.  You see your friends and neighbors, sometimes even your relatives, get sucked into its dark clutches. It’s the kind of thing you think will never happen to you. And then it does. Continue reading