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4 Problems With Exercise

1. People see you. The reaction of the individual observing you torture yourself depends on their own body composition. If they are fat, they will feel terrible about themselves, make a remark about how they need to start working out, and resent you. If they are skinny, they will judge your body—rank sweat and all—and promptly feel better about themselves. You either piss people off or feed their ego. And in my case, people don’t need their egos fed. I wear a hoodie so people don’t recognize me. Continue reading


Where 7 Year Old Me Thought I’d Be at Eighteen Vs. Reality

I made a T-chart for you all.

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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog

Please make yourself at home,

So I can write some random shit

That you don’t want to know.

Welcome to my blog

I’m really quite surprised

That you would ever read this

Over better ways to waste your time.

You could have gone to Tumblr,

Or Blogspot, even ghost

But instead you went through WordPress,

And you found me, your humble host.

Most blogs will clog your postfeed,

Mine won’t interfere,

Because my silly notion

Of a blog will shortly disappear.

Within days I will forget

That I ever started this account

All that’s left will be this poem

The only goal I could surmount.