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Welcome to Boston

This city confuses me. I walk around campus, and I smell dog shit, but I never see it. It’s like it exists somewhere in the ether, piles of dog shit buried behind the veil of the dream world, with only their stench bleeding into reality. There are also far more cigarette butts on the ground than in  California, and far more runners than at home (I’m the only runner on the ground, usually hyperventiliating). These are two things that probably shouldn’t exist at the same time, and yet somehow, in Boston, they can. Health nuts in California have to do the whole sha-bang: running, weights, no smoking or drinking, kale chips, motivational youtube videos. But health nuts in Boston can pick and choose. I like this place.

There isn’t much difference between East Coast kids and West Coast kids, except for one thing. East Coast kids love Chipotle. In this godless age of internet games and unnecessary piercings, Jesus has been replaced by Chipotle. Continue reading


The Big 5 Challenge – My Last “Duh” Moment

I’ve been biking to work lately. It’s a great use of the extra hours of sunlight, and also a good, no stress way to get healthy. The best part of it is that on my way home, I can pick flowers. These are for my mother, and I pick them for her out of the goodness of my heart.

But anyone who knows me knows that this is absolute bullshit. Continue reading

4 Problems With Exercise

1. People see you. The reaction of the individual observing you torture yourself depends on their own body composition. If they are fat, they will feel terrible about themselves, make a remark about how they need to start working out, and resent you. If they are skinny, they will judge your body—rank sweat and all—and promptly feel better about themselves. You either piss people off or feed their ego. And in my case, people don’t need their egos fed. I wear a hoodie so people don’t recognize me. Continue reading

Torturing the Underclassmen (Daily Prompt)

High school physical ed classes destroy a lot of things. For instance: any chance you will ever exercise again, your datability, your faith in the kindness of other human beings, and an assortment of songs. Sort of like relationships! (Actually exactly like relationships now that I look at my list.)

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