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Why I’ve Been Away

Hi all, so I see that some of my views have been by individuals who’ve followed and liked posts on my blog in the past, so it’s only right I explain where I’ve been for six months.

The short answer is college, which is at the same time an incredibly busy and listless place. Courses are harder but I haven’t necessarily had less time, in fact I probably have more than I did at the peak of high school. I’ve made incredibly intelligent friends, had really eye-opening conversations, been exposed to new music, gone to some ragers, and have had a pretty wild time in general. That’s not to say I didn’t have time to write on this blog, I absolutely did, but sometimes you have to sit back and absorb things instead of instantly posting about them on social media. I don’t want to be that girl in the dining hall instagraming shitty fried chicken (yes, I’ve seen this happen). Nor do I want to be that girl who makes generic blog posts like “The 10 best things I’ve learned from first semester!” or “Important things to remember when you go to a frat party!”, though at some point in the future it’s entirely likely I’ll end up writing those two exact posts.

I also apologize for all this sounding at all preachy, or excessively proud. I don’t mean to be assumptive that my absence has to be explained, or to assume that readers need to care about it all. Thanks for reading.


The Coming of College

The hippies have got me. I’m writing this between shoving batches of kale chips into the oven, with an edition of Adbusters open at my side. I haven’t written on this blog in weeks, and since this seems to be a developing pattern, I think I’ll stop apologizing for it now. In nine days, I will be arrive at college, the fabled land beyond the misty mountains and pine trees that as of now, remains solidly in the world of fantasy. That’s nine days before this blog changes from a home for my off-color complaints and criticisms of a small town, to my off-color complaints and criticisms of a large city and school. So I will now join the ranks of the college bloggers (perhaps the flakiest variety). I’ll be complaining about shaving in communal bathrooms while 34% of the population doesn’t get to attend university at all. It’s good to maintain a perspective. Continue reading

I’m not qualified to write this — but neither are you

Most of what I write stems from what I am reading. When I’m feeling particularly unintelligent and uninspired I spend the majority of my time browsing websites like Buzzfeed, a site devoted to teaching America’s youth to seek out internet fame, where they will be upvoted and lol-ed at until their funny vine is treated with contempt as “last year’s meme”.

Buzzfeed: because a few moving pictures and some cliche captions pass for an article.

Buzzfeed: because a few moving pictures and some cliche captions pass for an article.

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The high stakes world of little league

Does the Daily Post not know their audience at all? I mean, I don’t want to stereotype all of us bloggers out there (that’s exactly what I want to do), but from the travel and food blogs I’ve read on here, I don’t think we have all that many sports fans. But then again, maybe I’m just projecting.

In my day, I’ve possessed a lot of tickets to SF Giants games. Somehow, I never actually went to one. Continue reading

Great! An excuse to talk about how painfully single I am!

So today’s daily prompt is:

He’s (She’s) So Fine

What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

What are you talking about Daily Prompt? Even if I had a significant other they wouldn’t be significant.

I love it when this kind of thing is the daily prompt because a) I get to talk about how painfully single I am (surprise surprise) and b) I get to read defensive posts by other bloggers  that can be summed up by “I don’t need no man”.  What’s really great is that when you go onto the Daily Post’s post for this, most of the pingbacks contain the words “forever” and “alone” (like this one, which won first place by including both). The Daily Post really does not know its audience. I attribute this fact to two things. One, us bloggers are losers, and two, those with enough mad skillz to have significant others are too busy trying to keep them (cite bloggers are losers, above). Continue reading

On Procrastination and a Regular Audience

So I don’t actually avoid procrastination. I’m on a level of my own on this one. Like many other people, I fool myself into thinking that I work better under the pressure of a performance or essay happening the next day. Sometimes it actually pans out. I wrote My Abrupt Descent Into the Cesspit of Humanity  in 5 hours one night from 11 to 4 in the morning. It the single best piece of writing I have ever completed. Four hours, lots of caffeine, and no later edits. Sometimes that’s just the way things work. Maybe my brain is washed with panic hormones and is able to churn out a reasonable essay in the dead of night. Continue reading

Where Am I From? On Anonymity…

Oh, how I would love to answer that question. My hometown is intrinsic to my personality. It’s crafted me into who I am, and I love my neighbors and friends to hell and back. I also have a lot of jokes about my town that I’m sure readers would enjoy (one of my favorites is “___ is like a hippie’s armpit, earthy and unshaven”). But I live in such a small, specific little village that if someone from home read this, my identity would easily be guessed from any mention of its name.

Here's the sunset, anonymous islands in the distance.

Here’s the sunset, anonymous islands in the distance.

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