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The vaccination “debate” gets personal for me

Before beginning my rant, I’d like to say that I don’t want to give this issue the credibility that comes with use of the word “debate”, but it’s hard to think of a better way to describe it. Given the way the (completely true) validity of vaccinations has been playing out in the media, it’s been treated as a debate. I don’t think it should be. I do not walk the grey line on this issue because vaccines have cold hard facts backing them up, while the case against them can only be defended by a fraudulent study linking MMR to autism, and vague fears that, while understandable, are completely illogical.

I’ve always been pro-vaccine, which is very impressive considering the herbal fanaticism rampant in my community. In fact, the county where I live was mentioned (okay, singled out and vilified, but rightly so) on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. At the elementary school I went to, 40% of students aren’t vaccinated, and if you point out that this is a problem, the yoga pants moms will come in hordes with pitchforks and torches. Continue reading


Body acceptance, “ugly” people, and Tinder

I think women start accepting their bodies when they start shaving their bikini area. Because that takes fucking upkeep. If you’re going to get a Brazilian wax, the prickles that occur a week later just aren’t worth it. At least for me, short painful hairs poking at my nether regions were enough to realize that my body, particularly my vaginal area, is attractive just the way it is, even if that means its covered in Bigfoot’s winter coat. Plus, some people are into that. I have yet to find someone who admits it, but hey, they do exist. I’m a fucking hippy. I should know. Continue reading

5 Songs I Absolutely Loath (And Why)

I like music that makes me think. This can come in two forms: it can be stylistically complex or the lyrics can tell me a story. For this reason, I have an aversion to overtly simplistic pop music. However, sometimes, it is simply a small sound or technique within a song that causes me to hate it.


  1. Such is the case with Lana del Rey. At face value, I would expect to love her music. The beats and instruments are interesting and keep my attention, but her voice immediately turns me off. Someone once described her to me as pop alternative opera, but her voice sounds entirely average to me. Sometimes, she chooses to make it raspy or to over-enunciate consonants. Each song as a whole strikes me as mediocre, and these bad stylistic choices, sometimes just a few bars, make me wince. Listening to her music feels like an incredible waste of time.

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Being bisexual, some women’s fashion confuses me. Not in a tomboyish way, but more in a “I’m not sure if I want to have sex with this girl, or if I just envy her body”. For instance: piercings. I’ll admit it, I think piercings on a girl are hot. I’d like a nose piercing. Of course, there’s a limit. If you have more than 4 extraneous piercings, I begin to wonder if you have some elsewhere (specifically the nether regions).

What I don’t understand are “Prince Alberts”. If you don’t know what a Prince Albert is, you should definitely google image search it. Continue reading

I’m not qualified to write this — but neither are you

Most of what I write stems from what I am reading. When I’m feeling particularly unintelligent and uninspired I spend the majority of my time browsing websites like Buzzfeed, a site devoted to teaching America’s youth to seek out internet fame, where they will be upvoted and lol-ed at until their funny vine is treated with contempt as “last year’s meme”.

Buzzfeed: because a few moving pictures and some cliche captions pass for an article.

Buzzfeed: because a few moving pictures and some cliche captions pass for an article.

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In which I poop on your party

Okay, so if there’s one thing I hate, it’s people who throw parties for themselves. I hate the parties that they throw, because you can guarantee that they’ll be downers. It’s just the epitome of narcissism.

I say as I write on my personal blog.

I say as I write on my personal blog.

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The Importance of a Good Teacher

It astonishes me how easily I could have gone through high school without encountering any sort of influential adult. Plenty of students suffer through a string of mediocre teachers, learning writing rules and math formulas that never translate into real life. I could have easily been one of them.  I could have continued at my K-12 charter school and never set foot on my high school’s campus. The school computers could have made my schedule slightly different. And I never would have met my english teacher, who has had the most influence on me, more than any other person, ever. Continue reading