Chelsey Meyer is a college student, singer-songwriter, sometimes stand-up comic, and blogger. Basically a walking recipe for unemployment.

Her screen image is her dog, who is perfect, adorable, and oh so cuddly. Exactly like her rhetoric.

Look how cute. Don't you just want to keep him snuggled up in your bed with you?

Look how cute. Don’t you just want to keep him snuggled up in your bed with you?


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Outlier Babe

    I have been reading your posts for the last forty minutes or so. This friggin’ WordPress is filled with too many excellent writers. Well, more not-so-excellent, but plenty of the former, too–and you are excellent and quirky, which is, but of course, most excellent (please pronounce with appropriate Bill and Ted accent).

    I cannot–there is not–it is impossible to read all of the posts by all of the writers I would like to have time to read. (With my OCD-ish Aspie nature, everyone I Follow I feel compelled to read religiously, and thus would wind up doing nothing but read WP morning ’til night.) If there were, you are one of the writers. However, I’d like to return from time to time and spend another hour. If you find that weeks (or months!) pass and you have seen no new Likes or comments from me, lemme know, and I’ll stop by again, with pleasure : )

    Thank you so much for the Follow on The Last Half!

    1. Outlier Babe

      Uh….whoops. How ’bout ‘stead of “If there were”, “If I were to Follow everyone whose writing I admired, you are one I would Follow.” Hey–YOU’re the better writer. Maybe YOU can fix my ooky sentence!

      1. thinkingdiagonally Post author

        Thanks for reading! I do that too with blogs. I cannot count the hours I have spent going through ancient posts on Infinitefreetime. So glad you enjoy my blog!

    1. thinkingdiagonally Post author

      Thanks so much! I’m rejecting the nomination because I don’t really want to follow the duties, but this does mean so much to me. It’s a shock to me how amazing the blogging community is (I’m new to it), and I love being able to express my opinions and ideas to people and know that they are heard. This nomination is just another example of how wordpress makes the vast internet a closer community. This thank you is really wordy, I know, so I guess I should just say that your comment here made me feel fuzzy inside. :)


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