Why This Week Blows

I haven’t written in a long time (a problem which I will address later), but have decided to wield my keyboard again in a misguided attempt to change the world. Or rather, I will talk about myself, seeing as there is so little I know about the world.

Why this week blows:

1) Blizzards

Completely real blizzard Juno blew into the East Coast with the fury of an anti-vaxxer on an online forum. I was subjected to temperatures in the teens, icicles threatening to impale me at every awning, and, later, the perils of black ice and slush. The snowfall earlier this week only added to the slushy disaster that is Boston’s roads, screwing with public transit and with my innocent Californian expectations of winter. Meanwhile, at home it is 60°.

The worst part about the winter is snow days. Which at first were great. What’s better than day drinking, stealing trays from the dining hall, and breaking your neck while sledding down snow-filled outdoor staircases? It was magic. But on the third snow day, I realized that not only does this cause teachers to pile on coursework, but also that that’s three days of tuition money I’ll never have back (let’s be honest though, tuition is a waste of money in the first place).

2) I lost my ID

This is a problem because my options for getting into my room and building are that one flimsy school ID and a glitchy app on my phone. I have only myself to blame. When I realized it was gone, I knew exactly what street corner I had dropped it on. When I returned, it wasn’t there. I failed to notice that said corner was directly outside a branch of the university police department…which is where lost items are taken to. Only upon walking the half mile back to my dorm did I receive the email saying they had found it on their doorstep.

3) I’m sick now

After running around in the cold looking for my ID, I returned to my room feeling kind of foggy. I shed my infinite layers of downy outwear, and wondered why I was wearing a hat. I hadn’t remembered putting on a hat that morning. Then I realized that I wasn’t wearing a hat, I had spiked a 101.8° fever. I promptly covered myself in blankets and to take a nap…that lasted through two entire classes.

4) My boss thinks I’m a cold-hearted bitch

Before passing out for six hours at midday though, I called my boss to tell him I wouldn’t be able to come in to work at my internship tomorrow. I asked if the other intern would be there or if she was still sick too. “No, she threw it off quick,” said my boss. “Oh good,” I replied. “Oh, good?!” he asked in horror. At which point he clarified that he had said “No, she actually quit.” I explained the misunderstanding, but based on his skeptical reply, I assume he believes it was a Freudian slip.


5 thoughts on “Why This Week Blows

  1. bernquist

    Ah yes. This week has been less than good for me as well. I’m just counting down the minutes until Friday night at which point I will have upwards of 48 hours to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. So fun.


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