5 New Apps On My Phone

1. Tinder

I recently posted about this here. I love Tinder. It gives me license to judge people on face value, which, unfortunately, societal norms don’t allow me to do face to face. Anonymity is a beautiful thing. I’m going on my first Tinder date on Friday. I fully expect to feel as awkward as Mitt Romney at a reggae concert. Yet I look forward to it, because for lonely college students everywhere, the Tinder logo represents the possibility of sex and regret.

Although some people skip straight to the regret.

Although some people skip straight to the regret.

2. Twitter

I know, I hate myself, too. Somehow, I decided it would be a good idea to get a Twitter. This was mainly to follow my school’s president, who enjoys taking selfies with students. Which I think is fabulous. But I do not yet understand Twitter etiquette. For instance, when is it appropriate to use a hashtag? If someone follows me, am I required to follow them back? Who can see what I say? Can my school’s president see what I say? In that case, should I delete my last three tweets?

3. Yik Yak

Like Twitter, only better, because there is no collateral damage to anything you say. My school’s president can definitely not see what I say. Or at least, he can’t see that I said it. Anonymity, man. The app was made for college students living in cramped dorms. People divulge their deepest secrets to the nearest users within a mile and a half. Those secrets usually involve jerking off, sex, lack of sex, and farting in elevators. There are, however, some gems, such as “never trust a girl who willingly sleeps in a bra.”

So I guess I'm a horrible person then...

So I guess I’m a horrible person then…

4. Mobile ID

Because I’m a regular idiot, I always leave my school ID in my room or another location. Thank god I have Mobile ID to open my door. Some genius app developer realized that while college students will forget about their homework, papers, panties, and ID, they would never leave their dorm without Candy Crush. Whoever invented this app is a millionaire.

5. Spotify

Streaming Youtube videos is sooo 2012. I got a Spotify for my Artistic Programming class, and it is possibly the best musical product I’ve ever obtained save my new keyboard. It allows to me to listen to whatever I want at the gym, exposes me to new music, and rips off the artists I love while it’s at it. There’s some very intense irony that we use a streaming app that troubles the music industry in a course for music industry.

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3 thoughts on “5 New Apps On My Phone

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  2. Blitzwood

    I’m loving Spotify too. Btw as an independent artist I don’t have any problem with it.
    Maybe it’s not so profitable as to sell an album on iTunes but they pay artists too.

    Now google has a music streaming service too in Google Play that looks really interesting, especially if you are an Android user. I’ll give it a try later.

    btw, if you find some song you like from “blitzwood” it’d be nice :)

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