Wholly hole-y

I write to you from the lonely wasteland that is my bed. The reason for this is simple, I have had my wisdom teeth pulled. Wholly hole-y.

I would not have been as fearful upon entering surgery had it not been for an outdated video from the 90s that was shown to me last week. Not Buzzfeed-fun-90s, but public health annoucement with special effects that gave me nightmares. I’m still not sure if the nightmares were from its overall bad quality or the material it contained.

Terrifying Risks Associated with the Removal of Wisdom Teeth

1) Longterm bleeding. Apparently, some people’s bleeding doesn’t stop for about 24 hours. At that point, they have bled out and shriveled into a human-sized grape. This, thankfully, has not yet happened to me, though I don’t dismiss the risk that bleeding may turn up again.

2) Dry socket. The thing that prevents one from drying into a grape is called a blood-clot. If one of these is lost too early in the healing process, it is unclear what follows. Likely, swelling occurs to such a severe extent that skin on the face splits.

3) Sinus infection. Because wisdom teeth are useless, troublesome vestiges of our herbivorous days in the jungles, it’s natural that they would cause as many problems as possible. Not only do they disrupt the other teeth, they also can extend into the sinus cavity. So their removal can leave an open hole. A hole in your snot sacs. This can lead to infection, further swelling the face to a point of no return.

4) Numbness in the lip and tongue. Because sometimes the lower wisdom extend into areas where lip nerves run, their removal can break said lip nerves. This can lead to permanent numbness in the lips and/or tongue. People afflicted with this later die from severe burns which they were unable to feel due to numbness.

Thus concludes the risks and dangers associated with removal of wisdom teeth.


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