I take issue with the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt because I’m anti-holiday. This article on the Daily Beast pretty clearly sums up the ridiculousness that is Father’s Day, with both personal anecdote and humor. I don’t think we need another occasion to buy Hallmark cards, and the mere suggestion of another effing holiday makes me sick. Not to mention, whatever holidays people have been suggesting (Uncle Day, I’m looking at you) they probably already exist. I mean, if we have National Vinegar Day (November 1st), we probably have a designated day for every family member. Hell, if Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21st) is a legit thing, I’d be ashamed if there were no Uncle Day. Believe me, special days for obscure family members exist. It’s just that nobody cares enough to celebrate them.

And why should we? Why should I be required to send my hyper-conservative (and hypertension) uncle a gift-certificate to the gun store on July 26th on Aunt and Uncle Day? I have another Uncle who’d really love some pot plants. My tios already send me gifts on my birthday, they don’t need a Niece Day (according to this blog it’s May 6th, and according to Yahoo answers it’s April 10th) to further bankrupt themselves. How about my cousin? After forgetting her birthday last week or month or something, I’d better send her a beer fridge as an apology on July 24th, she’s into that.



Got thoughts?

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