All of my excuses for not writing on this blog

Okay so I haven’t written on this blog in a very long time. Roughly a month and half. Whoopsies. In this post, I will try to make excuses.

1) I was too busy graduating high school. Because graduation was soooo difficult, especially seeing as I only took five classes this semester, three of which were in project mode (this means freetime), and one of the remaining two being choir. I certainly didn’t use this project-making time to have lunch at nice restaurants in the city. I was busy working so that I could be a graduate.

2) I had whooping cough. I was laid up inside with a terrible cough for nearly a month. Owing to the fact that writing requires one to be fit and healthy, much like cross country running, the illness made it absolutely impossible for me to write on this blog. I blame the the idiots who don’t get their children vaccinated. It’s direct cause-effect. Dirty hippies don’t vaccinate their children -> my weak immune system is overtaken by super-pertussis -> I don’t write on my dumb-ass blog.

4) I had a giant school project to work on. Nevermind that it sucked like a starved leech. I had to put a lot of effort into that thing. Like five hours a week, all at school. It really cut into my writing time.

5) I sort of had a social life to fulfill. You know, I had to show my face at school for the last few weeks since it’d be the last few weeks anyone at the godawful place would ever get to see my face again. I had to go to prom, grad night, and various end of year parties to sign people’s yearbooks. With all that writing in the yearbook’s of my very many friends, my hands got so sore I just couldn’t write on this blog.


Got thoughts?

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