Just Another Boring List

I don’t feel like thinking about the daily prompt. So here’s a boring transcription of my routine on Tuesdays:

1) wake up, agonize over the futility of life as I realize that my alarm has fallen underneath my bed, and I have to get out to press snooze

2) drag dog with me into the main house

3) put cloth on myself, contemplate going to school nude

4) eat compressed strands of wheat that the hippies call “cereal”

5) drive to school, savor my last few moments of solitary joy

6) either bullshit with my two be-pimpled friends, or bullshit with my english teacher

7) actually attend a class, in this case choir, sing poorly

8) find excuses not to go to a club I’m in, my favorite approach is jamming with people in the band room

9) go to physics, feel the brainhurt

10) drive to work, savor the solitude

11) work at a cash register, think of things to do, save showy tasks until someone is looking

12) go through all of the free food, buy a five dollar tamale

13) go home, scream with parents

14) waste time on the internet, fall asleep in a puddle of own saliva


And that, dear readers, is my Tuesday. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/just-another-day/

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