On Procrastination and a Regular Audience

So I don’t actually avoid procrastination. I’m on a level of my own on this one. Like many other people, I fool myself into thinking that I work better under the pressure of a performance or essay happening the next day. Sometimes it actually pans out. I wrote My Abrupt Descent Into the Cesspit of Humanity  in 5 hours one night from 11 to 4 in the morning. It the single best piece of writing I have ever completed. Four hours, lots of caffeine, and no later edits. Sometimes that’s just the way things work. Maybe my brain is washed with panic hormones and is able to churn out a reasonable essay in the dead of night.

I tend to get more things done late at night in the first place. I’m a songwriter, and when I write in the daytime or evenings, I find that I never access my full creativity. Also, when I’m sleep deprived I have no need to censor my emotions. (“He broke my heart? I wish I could break his! Wait, I know, I’ll turn it into a crappy pop song!”). There’ve been times when I’ve woken up the next morning and realized the fruits of my insomniac efforts were absolute crap. But I’ve also written some really good songs, most of which have such embarrassingly open lyrics that I would never perform them.

Every time that I let a project or creative piece wait until the night before it needs to be done, I kick myself. But I’ve had some products that wouldn’t have been quite the same even if given weeks of planning and preparing. They had to be done in the moment.

This is a short post today because I’m tired from editing a school project (somehow my group and I managed to turn “observational documentary” into food porn, this will be a future post), singing, physics, and my job. Tomorrow I will actually put thought into some sort of anecdote or story for you all. Also note, this is the first time (I think) that I’m referring to my readers in the 2nd person as if they actually exist. Because it seems that they do, and I’m honestly really surprised about that. So thank you to everyone who regularly reads this blog. It means the world to me that–I can’t think of a better descriptor than “random internet strangers”, so I’m just going to say it– random internet strangers like my thoughts enough to keep coming back.


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8 thoughts on “On Procrastination and a Regular Audience

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  2. bkpyett

    I do think to work through the night is great. Less distractions and maybe the air is different. Like driving at night, the car seems to run more smoothly. Not sure about ping backs, comments seem more personal.

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