Let’s Start a Band

Much like some of my friends want to loose their virginity before they go to college, I want to have a band. And this summer is the time to do it. At this point I don’t care what we play. Hell, I wouldn’t care if I were relegated to the kazoo. I just have to have a band.

Currently, my efforts involve sacrificing my school social life for jamming in the band room. My current music buddy, Ansel, is very good, intimidatingly so. His main instrument is guitar, yet he plays piano, drums, and bass as well. And he can play piano better than I can. I’ve been playing for eleven years and it’s infuriating. However, I have him beat in the number of instruments I can play (five if you include the banjo I bought yesterday). I’ve been trying to get my old friend Joey to come play with us, but he’s a bit of flake and never shows up. Ansel thinks that Joey isn’t real. It’s a strange band dynamic when the one guitarist thinks the other doesn’t exist.

I also need to get my act together and write a catalogue of songs, since I doubt I’ll get any alone time at college and I need to have a repertoire for open mics (you know, I also need to decide what college I’m going to within the next twenty days, but that’s secondary).

Other things I need to complete this summer:

– shave (I haven’t worn shorts since october)

– exercise my bicycle (this is a less embarrassing way of saying “exercise myself”..to loose weight)

– learn to play the banjo I just dropped eighty bucks on

– go to San Francisco often…because it’s such a cool city and it’s so close and I never go there

– swim, in the ocean, because I can literally walk to it

– pet my dog

-pet my horse

– pet my cats

– pet my chickens, or try


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