Things I Won’t Do Over Mid-Winter Break

Today, the 15th of February, marks the first day of what my wealthier peers call “Ski-week”. I call it Winter Break 2.0. This single week of freedom is universally yearned for throughout the month of February. We lament our busy high school schedules, and proclaim that we will use these seven days to their utmost. We will seize the moment, and accomplish great things.

But that’s not what actually happens.

The following is a list of all the things I won’t do this week:

1. Go on an adventure. As much as my friends and I would like to pack our day-bags and split for the city, pretend we’re tourists, and sample sketchy street food, we won’t. If I socialize with anyone, it will be for a Netflix binge, and perhaps we will eat three bags of Takis. Scratch that, we will eat three bags of Takis, and we might get around to watching a movie on Netflix.

2. Hike. I love taking walks alone. It’s been raining where I live, and the waterfalls are beautiful. My town is surrounded by National and State parks. Flowers are just beginning to come up, and the mist in the redwoods is a sight to behold. However, if I do decide to get off my ass, it will be to take my dog for a quick two-mile power-run in my neighborhood. I will return home so sore that I won’t be capable of moving until school starts again.

3. Record a song. I’m a songwriter and musician. I want to hone my skills and have a career as a music producer. I practice by recording my original songs. My recording software takes some effort to use and more than likely this won’t happen. I only record when I’m in a panic over not having any creative material to show for the past two months.

4. Clean my room. My room is disgusting. It needs vacuuming, but I can’t get to the floor because of the paperwork and garbage college brochures I haven’t thrown away. But I can’t go through those because my filing cabinet is filled to the brim with paperwork that may not be relevant anymore, so I have to go through that first. But I can’t because there are books in the way. I can’t move them because my bookshelf is full. And I can’t get rid of the books because I haven’t read them all yet. Which brings me to number five.

5. Get some reading done. I prefer reading in the dark with a flashlight to reading in a lightened space. So I use the flashlight on my phone. I read a chapter, and–yes, I’m going strong! But then I get a text. And my dog is being cute and I need to send my friends a Snapchat.  Also, there’s Flappy Bird. Fucking Flappy Bird.

Hooray for an utterly unproductive break.


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